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The top ten reasons to buy a Dell laptop ( Not )


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Are you currently using "Speech Recognition" software? If you use Naturally Speaking or any other software and need good honest advice, M-Tech recommends Know Brainer . You wont find a more knowledgeable source for advice or a cheaper price for speech recognition software.



How to ruin a laptop! Click Here


Please note, the #1 reason for a laptop problem is failing to keep your laptop free of dust and dirt in the cooling fan and heat vent. This link or the one above will assist you in learning how to clean the laptop. DO NOT take chances, if you are uncertain about how to clean your laptop model, call 231-547-5562 (9-5 eastern) or 626-243-3284 (9-5 Pacific) and we will stop what we are doing and walk you through the process. Yes, it is this important

For performance enhancing Tweaks, please visit our Phase 3 tweaks and tune up guide
Technical Support! NEED Technical HELP? Use this form
Should you require repairs or have questions regarding your hardware, please refer to your M-Tech Invoice for the technical support number since it may vary. As an alternate option, fill out this form to request our support team to assist you. Click Here for technical support request form. Please keep in mind that your request is being forwarded by email. email is hardly reliable. There are any number of reasons why your emails could get lost or filtered into junk mail. So if you need support fast, we encourage you to call for assistance. If your serial number begins with PS2...your technical support number is 626-243-3284, Pacific time 9-5 M-F.  Please have your full serial number available. Our technical support will be unable to accept your call if you do not have a valid M-Tech serial number. If your serial number does not begin with PS2 then please call 1-231-547-5562 ext 11 for your correct support number.

Remember, Technical support can be by online form or by email but hardware support really should be by phone. It is very difficult to support defective hardware via email.


Drivers and Manuals

Please have a qualified technician install the BIOS.  M-Tech is not liable for any damage
during the installation of the BIOS.

Search model number on the laptop bottom:

These drivers or Manuals are customized for M-Tech  Notebook PCs only.
We would not advise using them with other vendors' products.
Download Driver :
Driver :


User Manual :
These drivers or Manuals are customized for M-Tech's Notebook PCs only.
We would not advise using them with other vendors' products.

Can't Find Your Drivers or Laptop model?

Please note the FTP server get overwhelmed quickly. If this happens to you or you cannot seem to locate the drivers for your laptop model, or you are just having a bad day and don't want to look at some long boring list, send us your laptop model as it appears listed on the bottom of your laptop. Make sure it isn't battery model number. fill out this form OR send it to We will make sure to send you all the current drivers for your laptop.


Need help tuning up your laptop? You can find many helpful videos at M-Techs YouTube online video support page.


Which type of programs should I use to protect my M-Tech Laptop?

While there is no end to the style and variety of programs you can spend your money on to keep your laptop running smooth and free of Virus's, Spyware's, Worms, Trojans, Registry bloat, Registry corruption, Junk files and corrupt files on your drive, you need not spend much if any of your funds to keep your laptop investment running smooth. Below are some free programs that do a fine job of protecting your laptop. Then there are some paid programs that offer very good service for their price. Keep in mind, just because we may not list your specific program here, it does not means we do not think it a good program. We simply offer some suggestions that can accomplish the desired goal of protecting your laptop for little to no money out of pocket. Some paid programs offer a good value by integrating all the desired programs into one program. If this is your desire then by all means do that. Just be sure to review their effectives and stability. M-Tech has found that most programs do a decent job of protecting your against virus's but fall short when it comes to compatibility with our system itself. As a classic example, M-Tech STRONGLY discourages the use of any Norton (Symantec) Anti Virus products, either by themselves alone or in a suit of programs. We have found that Norton conflicts with more computers than it helps. This isn't to say it does not protect you against virus, spywares, junk and intruders. It surely does, but the cost to you is erratic performance. We have found that customers calling with support questions that lend themselves to bizarre behavior on the laptop itself, are almost always because the customer was using a Norton Anti-Virus product. In addition, RAID 0 users need to be very careful as to their choice of protection. Norton is the kiss of the death with a software RAID controller. Feel nervous about selecting your next suit of protection products. You needn't, Here is a list of programs that seem to do a good job. Remember, this isn't a list of all programs, just ones we have tested and found a solid performer for the money spent.

Protect your M-Tech Laptop with these free or cheap valuable programs.

Anti Virus: Avast (Free Home Edition) Vipre (Small Fee from Sunbelt software)

Spyware: Spybot S&D (Free) Ad Aware (free) Windows Defender (Free)

Maintenance and system monitoring: WinPatrol (Free) Belarc Advisor (Free)

Sandra (Free)

Increase your computers functionality by downloading the free Office Suite programs. Save hundred of $$ and increase your productivity.

Office Style Programs: A very complete suite of programs to cover virtually any basic need you are likely to need. Compatible with Microsoft Office and most other office programs. If you want to stick with traditional Microsoft programs try the new free cloud system for MS Office. Its free and takes up very little hard drive space since your program and files are stored on the Microsoft cloud.


  • Is your typing cursor jumping all over the page? Learn More


Special needs regarding atypical operating systems

M-Tech can custom design a laptop BIOS to work with any operating system you need. If you have a special need for something like Solaris in a virtual us and ask for assistance. We can assign you laptop to our research and development department and we will make it work for you. Be it Solaris, Linux Server 2008 all rolled into a virtual server environment, our specialist will invest the time needed to make it work for you or your organization.
  • The most commonly asked question:  
  • A picture is worth a thousand words they say. So how much are video worth to you? See for yourself. many tips and hints are now available via video on


Is their any maintenance I need to perform on my laptop.



Having trouble with lock ups and freezes in your computer?
Microsoft's knowledge base can give you reasons for and solutions to many of your computer woes. Click Here
A common misconception is that if your computer freezes  or locks up on you the computer must be malfunctioning. In truth, once you are successfully booted into your operating system the computer has been diagnosed twice as being "Hardware OK". 99.9% of troubles from this point are operating system and/or driver related. In fact 80% of all computers returned to computer manufacturers as defective are in fact functioning perfectly. The problem is in the software/Operating system/driver combination. The best solution is to reformat your hard drive and reinstall your operating system. Most problems are due to corrupted files and usually will not recur after a hard drive has been reformatted.
Preventing low memory problems
What are the signs of low memory?
Why do low memory problems occur?
How to prevent low memory problems

When your computer doesn't have enough memory for all of the actions it's trying to perform, Windows and your programs can stop working. To help prevent information loss, Windows will notify you when your computer is low on memory. You can also learn to recognize the signs of low memory and take steps to prevent the problem.

What are the signs of low memory?
Signs of low memory include poor performance, low-memory or out-of-memory notifications, and display problems. For example, if you try to open a menu in a program when your computer is low on memory, the program might respond slowly or appear to stop responding. If the menu appears, it might not respond when you try to click an item or it might not display all items. If you click a menu item, the menu might also disappear and leave a blank area on the screen instead of displaying the contents of the document or file you're working in.

Why do low memory problems occur?
Your computer has two types of memory, random access memory (RAM) and virtual memory. All programs use RAM, but when there isn't enough RAM for the program you're trying to run, Windows temporarily moves information that would normally be stored in RAM to a file on your hard disk called a paging file. The amount of information temporarily stored in a paging file is also referred to as virtual memory. Using virtual memory—in other words, moving information to and from the paging file—frees up enough RAM for programs to run correctly.

Low memory problems occur when your computer runs out of RAM and becomes low on virtual memory. This can happen when you run more programs than the RAM installed on the computer is designed to support. Low memory problems can also occur when a program doesn't free up memory that it no longer needs. This problem is called memory overuse or a memory leak.

How to prevent low memory problems
Running fewer programs at one time can help prevent low memory problems and information loss. It's a good idea to observe which programs show signs of low memory conditions and try not to run them at the same time.

However, it’s not always convenient or practical to run a limited number of programs. Signs of low memory can indicate that the computer needs more RAM to support the programs you use. Here are the recommended ways to solve or prevent low memory problems:

Increase the paging file (virtual memory) size

Windows automatically attempts to increase the paging file size the first time your computer becomes low on memory, but you can also manually increase it up to a maximum size that is determined by the amount of RAM installed. Although increasing the paging file size can help prevent low memory problems, it can also make your programs run more slowly. Because your computer reads information from RAM much faster than from a hard disk (where the paging file is), making too much virtual memory available to programs will slow them down.

For more information, see Change the size of virtual memory.

Install more RAM

If you see signs of low memory, or if Windows warns you about a low memory problem, check the information that came with your computer or contact the computer manufacturer to determine which type of RAM is compatible with your computer, and then install more RAM. To install RAM, check the information provided by the manufacturer.

For more information, see Find out how much RAM your computer has.
Windows 7 users should consider using ReadyBoost. All it takes is a source of external RAM such as a SD memory card or a USB thumb drive. Just plug in a USB flash drive or card and let ReadyBoost borrow it. ReadyBoost is designed to help when your PC's memory is running low. Low memory can make your computer sluggish because Windows, which needs a place to stash data, turns to the hard drive. Flash memory offers a speedier alternative. Just plug the flash RAM into your M-Tech Laptop, within a moment a window will appear with several options. Choose the ReadyBoost option. Windows 7 will handle the rest. Keep this RAM plugged into your laptop, or at least while you are booting up. Now when Windows is running low and slow because of too little RAM, ReadyBoost will supplement your systems RAM and help preserve your systems speed.

ReadyBoost works with most flash storage devices. In Windows 7, it can handle more flash memory and even multiple devices—up to eight, for a maximum 256 gigabytes (GB) of additional memory.  See: Ways to improve Windows 7 performance on your laptop.

Determine if a program overuses memory

If the computer becomes low on memory whenever you run certain programs, one or more of those programs might have a memory leak. To stop a memory leak, you need to close the program. To repair a memory leak, you need to check for updates for the program or contact the publisher of the software.

To determine which program is using the most memory, follow these steps:

Click to open Task Manager.

Click the Processes tab.

To sort programs by memory usage, click Memory (Private Working Set).

You can also check for program errors and troubleshooting information using Event Viewer.

Click to open Event Viewer.‌ If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

In the left pane, click Applications and Services Logs to view error events. To see a description of the problem, double-click the event. To see if troubleshooting information is available, look for a link to online Help.

For more information, see What information appears in event logs (Event Viewer)?

Laptop cooling system maintenance

Get a can of compressed air from the office supply section of any local store. (this is a aerosol can and not a compressor) Then blow the fan blades so they spin and the air cleans the laptop through the back or side vent. You will spot the vent by the copper wiring that is the heat sink. By blowing the fan in this direction you will clear the fan and clear the heat sink. After doing this then repeat the process from the direction of the heat sink and try to spin the fan from the heat sink toward the fan. This will make sure that there is as little trapped dust as possible.


This is the normal maintenance you should be doing every week. If you laptop is making a noise then it is possible that there is too much debris to be blown out by this method. In that case you may have to use a vacuum to create a light draw, this hopefully pulls any lint or strings that were sucked up, toward the fan grid. Then perhaps you can grab the pieces with your fingers or tweezers. In some cases of heavy neglect you may need to remove the plate that covers the cooling fan. Under these circumstances you should call your tech support for directions on how to do this. Every laptop is different and you should always call support for permission and directions on how to best open up your laptop to clean the fans and heat sink. If your laptop is still under warranty, then never try to open it without technical supports help.

Supports phone is 626-243-3284, 9-5 pacific time M-F


Is your typing cursor jumping out of your document and into places you don't want it to be?
Relax, the good news this is not a problem with your laptop. owners of computers of every brand are having this issue. It appears to be a Vista and Win 7 issue. To dates hundred of thousands have companied about it and were all blaming their laptops for it. Since every brand had the same issue it obviously cannot be the laptop at fault. A research of the subject shows complaints describing their malfunction started suddenly with the advent of Windows Vista and have grown as Window 7 ( a version of Vista) have increased. Our advice is to keep your laptop set to download and install automatic updates. Microsoft is aware of this problem and when a fix is found they will likely issue the fix for it through their updates. In the mean time we suggest you keep and periodic eye on your typing. Especially if you are a touch typist. It may offer some help to go into your preferences and tell Windows 7 not to allow duplicate keystrokes or delay entry of the out of normal keystroke is entered. This may or may not help but until Microsoft fixes this issue it is the best you can do.


l I e n t  C e n t e r s, L C