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Looking for the D9FHD because you need the most powerful laptop  in the world?  Good news, the Enhanced versions are now available. The  D9FHD-XEON and the D9UHD are now fastest gaming, CAD/CAM laptops made!
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The D9FHD was amazingly fast, but the new D9UHD and the slightly older D9FHD-XEON are faster and have more power than any laptop computer (notebook/mobile computer, whatever you choose to call them)! They are the best, the most powerful laptops in the world - no question about it. While others may claim to have the most powerful notebook computer in the world, nobody can prove except M-Tech. we take steps to make our notebook computers faster than any other laptop computer in the world. In fact, here is some late breaking news. The BBB researched our claim to be the fastest computers in the world and told us they were satisfied and we can continue to use their BBB logo (which has us a+ rated) and the claim that we have the worlds fastest laptop computers. That is practically unheard of today yet we can and w do. Check it out!
   - THE D9FHD series is the fastest gaming laptop!
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Now with the Intel Sandy Bridge - E 3rd Gen. CPU the D9 series is once more firmly ensconced as the most powerful workstation.

Have you seen the NEW D9UHD? It replaces the D9FHD as the fastest gaming laptop in the world!
Old the specifications... out of date. Impressive, sure. However, as awe inspiring as the past D9 was, it just cant hold a candle the the newest D9UHD or even the slightly older D9FHD-XEON. Jump to our new site to check them out, we think you will be impressed, Lockheed, Grumman, IBM, Ford, all branches of the government and about 150 other fortune 500 companies were and still are impressed enough to buy from M-tech and continue to use. In fact, here is secret, so schuss, but Best Buy of Canada uses M-Tech Laptops for their own use. They wont even use the laptop s they sell because they know how well those brands don't work and how often they fail and need repair.. That has to say something not just about M-Tech Laptops being the best computer made but also about just how poorly mass marketed brands have gotten today.
Graphics: The Enhanced D9FHD can come with one or two Nvidia 980M video cards ( the 980M is felt to be the most versatile and powerful video card made), or You can use the ATO 7970 in single or dual (Crossfire) mode, if you are a Engineer and do CAD/CAM you can swap the video cards for the Quadro 3100M, again, this laptop can handle dual Quadro cards if you need to get the maximum number of CUDA processes. However, because of the extremely high quality standards that M-Tech insist on, many people find that the 980M GTX card is more than enough to run their CAD software. This way you can do your CAD/CAM and then take a break and chew up your old scores by playing the most demanding of games. Either way, there is no notebook computer, laptop computer made that is as fast as powerful and as flexible as the D9UHD.
Processor: The new 3rd Generation of Intel desktop i7 CPU has made some important advancements that can take the D9FHD to new highs making it forever more the best laptop money can buy.  The Sandy Bridge is the world's first Eight channel RAM configuration. This takes the super fast DDR3 RAM and ightruples its effectiveness.
Drive: We don't stop there; we can take four hard drives or four SSD's and stripe them together to Eightruple the computer's base speed. We had to do this so that you could begin to use the extra speed the i7 CPU gives you. This is the fastest laptop in the world!  There is no question - the D9FHD is the most powerful laptop in the world, making it the most laptop for your money!  This really is the best notebook computer for those who need the fastest computer for gaming or CAD/CAM
C Custom Build Your Ultimate Gaming or CAD or Speech recognition or video editing computer. It doesn't matter, the D9 series can do anything and everything a desktop can do, and do it better. Still in doubt? how about this, the D9FHD-XEON can do 12 cores, 30 MB of L3 cache and five SSD's 1 Terabyte in size with dual video cards (in SLI or parallel). If Grumman and Lockheed both use our D9 for things like Ladar and Lidar with GIS then we think it may be just what you need. If IBM, all the way in Italy, goes thru the trouble to order the D9 series for their engineers (and lets face it, IBM knows computers) then maybe you should take their lead and jump on board the only laptop brand that can call itself "The most powerful notebook computer made today/a>"
There can be no doubt who makes the most powerful notebook computer in the world. The D9 series has been and always will be the fastest laptop computer.
    The previous D9FHD was amazingly fast, but the new D9FHD-E is faster! and has even more upgrade options. No other mobile workstation can touch the D9 for power or features It is the best, most powerful laptop in the world - no question about it.  Check it out! Current D9FHD

Check out the D9FHD-E, it is now the fastest laptop ever made! MTECH D9F 
Are alienware laptops any good?Are Alienware Laptops any good?
It is hard to put into words how ridiculous it is that Alienware thinks their M17x is an extreme gaming laptop. It's not even in the same league as the D9FHD or the M8700. Compare the specifications and see for yourself - but don't bother checking Alienware for the higher quality and rigorous testing and burn in that only M-Tech gives each laptop!
Let us help you! When you buy an M-Tech Laptop you are not just getting the best, fastest and most extreme laptop for gaming, CAD, audio, video or anything. For the life of that laptop you also get your own personal technology counselor.

Headline news, The D900C has been eclipsed in power by the D9FHD

M-Tech D9FHD: Setting New Standards
High End Mobile Workstation-class notebook based on the revised Intel i7 desktop or XEON Processor, Intel X79 chipset, nVidia GeForce GTX 680M and FX 5000M are just two of many video card options. The D9FHD-E feeds the super fast CPU with a quad channel memory system. This is the World's First Notebook with i7 Processor, RAID 0/1/5/10. Nobody can dispute the D9FHD is the worlds fastest laptop computer, a desktop, server, workstation and laptop all rolled up into the most powerful notebook computer ever built. Find out why when IBM needs a super powerful laptop, it turns to M-Tech. call and ask us why Lockheed, time and again, chooses M-Tech for its engineers CAD/CAM laptops. Ask around and you will know why those in the music and video industry look first to M-Tech. Once you do then you will come to the same conclusion Yamaha music came to, there is only one real option when you need your project to look the best and run the smoothest. M-Tech Laptop, makers of the D9FHD, the fastest laptop in the world.

E5 XEON make the M-Tech D9 the most powerful workstationDesign, model, create, and visualize faster on workstation platforms powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.
The Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family can boost server performance by up to 80% over previous-generation Intel® Xeon® processor–based servers.
High-performance computing with the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family delivers the performance to move concept to production faster than planned.
Several technologies that ensure efficient performance and reliability come built in to the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family Data center design for cloud computing solutions includes unified networking with 10 gigabit Ethernet, cloud storage, trusted computing, and power management.

What benefits will Eight Cores bring?

Right now, there are only a few applications that truly benefit from Eight core computing. These applications are the sort that have always benefited from more processor horsepower, no matter how that was obtained. Rendering 3D graphics for still scenes, compression of DVDs into portable movie files, the compression of CDs into MP3s, and anything else that is just a massive chunk of mathematics. In the aforementioned cases, the processors can work in tandem to crunch large sets of numbers because they're predictable, not terribly dynamic, and do what a processor does best: compute. On the other hand, games (right now) will receive little to no benefit from a Eight core processor because they only recently began to really harness the power of dual core offerings. The benefit of Eight core is not what it does now, but what it will do.

NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX Graphics ModuleNVIDIA® GeForce Series GPUs: lighting up pixels on popular laptops and bringing visual brilliance in features demanded by mobile lifestyles across the spectrum. The unified architecture of the GeForce 680M GTX GPUs provides unparalleled performance and the most realistic 3D graphics effects available on a PC. And, with NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology, you’ll experience unsurpassed High-Definition video in vivid color and superb picture clarity. You can have the best of both worlds – great performance and extended battery life. NVIDIA GeForce GPUs for Notebook PCs deliver outstanding performance and real-time graphic processing power of a desktop to notebook solutions. The extraordinary features enhance the visual experience of everyday applications, continually pushing the envelope of multimedia performance, and providing ultra-realistic effects for gaming - all with rock-solid stability. With revolutionary rendering architectures and advanced on-chip video processors that produce premium visual quality and realism, GeForce GPUs for Notebooks pack power into a smaller form factor for the ultimate notebook PC experience.
NVIDIA SLI-Ready GPUs feature dedicated, built-in SLI hardware logic and take advantage of the additional bandwidth of the PCI Express bus architecture. Connected by the SLI connector* (which ships with all SLI-Ready motherboards), each GPU has a maximized connection pathway, and can leverage the second card for reaching top-speed performances. SLI Technology can scale both geometry and fill rate performance for multiple GPUs and output in both digital and analog formats for the highest image quality
How much of a performance increase will I see with SLI technology?
The amount of performance improvement will depend on the application and its ability to scale. Several of today's hottest games see a full 2x increase in performance when using SLI technology with two graphics cards. In general, applications running at higher resolutions with higher image quality settings will benefit most.

NVIDIA SLI Technology Capable
A revolutionary platform innovation that allows you to intelligently scale graphics performance by combining multiple NVIDIA graphics solutions in a single system for ultra-high performance for games and other graphics-intensive applications.
NVIDIA SLI Technology
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Intel® Core i7, Core i7 Extreme, Xeon
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M or Eightro FX 5000M Graphics, New Radeon 7970
17.3" Full HD(1920x1080) LED Backlit Wide screen with Glassview 3D Ready
8GB DDR3  Expandable to 32GB
Hard Drive 
Up to 4 SATA Hard Drives
Optical Drive
Super-Multi Drive Upgrade to Blu-ray Reader/Burner
8-cell Lithium Ion Battery
12.1 lbs. with Battery
Warranty and Services 
1 Year Premium Parts warranty and 3 Year labor
Optional Extreme testing and extended burn in. $125 Now comes standard on all machines!

The fastest laptop in the worlds boasting the most powerful laptop on the planet featuring Dual GeForce GTX 680M or Dual Radeon HD 7970M GPU capable, Triple Channel DDR3 memory up to 24GB, RAID 0/1/5/10 capable, 2.0M web cam, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, and Dolby Home Theater capable, the D9FHD is the ultimate laptop for any power hungry professional for demanding enthusiasts and extreme gamers. This laptop allows M-Tech to configure it for whatever program or computing style you have.


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