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What difference does quality make in your laptop performance?

This is a true story and it replays itself every month or so with a new and different customer. The original story went like this:

A man calls and asks to speak with a analyst. He says he wants to buy the D9F and have it outfitted with the biggest and fastest of everything. The analyst says, "Slow down; that may cost you more than necessary." The customer replies, "No, you don't understand. I own a $5500 M17X Alienware laptop. I thought spending over
New: M-Tech D8700
M-Tech M8800 Dual Video gaming laptop computer 
$5K would guarantee that I had the fastest laptop made, and I had no doubt that I owned the best laptop for gaming. Then my friend came over to show me his new M-Tech ML9000. It cleaned my clock! My Alienware couldn't keep up. What hurt the worst is that he tells me this was just an entry level laptop from M-Tech. It only cost him $1200."
The customer goes on to say "I did some research and found out that the only way to beat an M-Tech laptop is with another M-Tech laptop. My research shows the M-Tech D9F is the fastest laptop in the world and nothing and nobody beats it. I NEED IT!"

This true story in other forms replays itself all the time. Slowly people are realizing that the fastest GPU, CPU, and RAM are useless on a low-quality motherboard. Not only does investing in quality give you the fastest laptop in the world, but it also assures you that your laptop will last for years and years - not the 9 to 12 months people get from their DELLs and HPs. Let's make this perfectly clear: unlike all the other discount brands, M-Tech Laptops does not make disposable laptops. DELL may sell laptops that won't last any longer than a butane lighter, but an M-Tech laptop is an investment that, properly cared for, will take you into the next decade.*

 *Maintenance is a critical factor in every quality laptop's ability to run fast and run for years. Certain items like HDDs, batteries, and cooling fans can be expected to be replaced during the lifespan of a typical high quality laptop. This is because the laptop will outlast the normal lifespan of these particular components.

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M-Tech Laptops Means Quality!

Are you tired of spending your money on a laptop that is obviously a piece of junk? Have you ever spent good money for a laptop computer only to find out it was not the right configurations for your needs? Have you found out that an expensive laptop is not necessarily the best laptop for the money? Let us share some observations with you. A cheap laptop usually means a low quality laptop. A low quality laptop outfitted with the latest technology and the fastest of everything is still a low quality laptop computer. It is a very real fact of life that everyday people are spending hard earned cash on laptops of a quality that would have outraged consumers just a few years ago. Is "throw away technology" all you can hope for? No! M-Tech Laptops never sacrifices quality for a low price. We know some people need the best laptops made; they may not need the very latest laptop technology, but they need the very best quality.  And we all know that the best quality laptop is the fastest laptop and the most powerful laptop! We do sell the world's fastest laptop, but that's not the only thing that makes us special. What makes M-Tech Laptops the best laptop computer manufacturer around? It starts with the fact that M-Tech Laptops, custom tailors the fastest laptop around your needs, not some preconceived notion of what the average computer user should have. M-Tech Laptops also teaches you about current computer technology so that you understand why we make the suggestions we do. M-Tech shows you why buying the highest (fastest) clock speed CPU may not give you the fastest gaming laptop. You are helped to make certain choices based on maximum efficiency in computing speed, not maximum dollars out of your pocket. This is why M-Tech and thousands of other people consider M-Tech Laptop to be the best laptop manufacturer.

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Why are M-Tech laptops the fastest laptops in the world? We use the best laptops held to tighter quality control standards than any other company. Then we build the best laptop with highest quality components available. We don't stop there; we test all the specific components to see which work the most efficiently within each specific laptop model. This gives you a finely tuned machine. Other brands simply take a laptop, stuff it full of cheap components, and ship it out. Would it surprise you to learn most laptop brands do not test or burn in their laptops beyond what it takes to confirm that t

The most poweful laptop for gaming is a 15" size
They most powerful 15" laptop in the world. Gamers rejoice!
he laptop runs? We implement a three to four day build, test, and burn in procedure. Put M-Tech Laptops to the test, call 888-246-8956 and find out why the fastest laptops are always M-Tech's. Let our helpful and knowledgeable staff guide you in making the best decision for your money.



If you want the fastest laptop made, then you want the M-Tech D9F (the world's fastest laptop computer), M9800 (a fast laptop with a large screen and multiple hard drives to give additional laptop power and flexibility for the photographer or gamer), or the M-Tech M8700. Both have benchmarks that place them as the fastest laptop in the world. 

what is needed to have the best laptop for gamingWhat does it take to be able to say you sell the WORLD'S FASTEST LAPTOP? When you need to have the fastest, most extreme gaming laptop made! 18.4" LCD Dual Nvidia 285M GTX Video SLI, i7 Extreme Quad Core CPU. No doubt this is the fastest laptop made.
The D9F uses a desktop i7 CPU to control the PCI Express, nVIDIA Graphics, triple Channel 1333MHz DDR3 RAM, SATA 3 6GB/s Solid State drives help to release the pent up power the i7 based XEON that pushes the best gaming laptop ever made. Gamers, engineers using CAD, or artists doing dramatic 3D rendering all make good use of the six cores and 12MB of L3 cache, making this laptop the fastest most advanced laptop in the world today. Add in the new M-Tech Solid State Drives (SSD) and again, you get the best gaming laptop, the fastest gaming laptop.  A extreme gaming laptop to put to shame all other gaming laptops.  The future is now, The D9FHD,
MTECH M8700 mobile I7 Extreme. These high quality fast laptops are the worlds most powerful notebook computers and/or fastest laptops made. Call it what you want, "the worlds fastest laptops," "the best gaming laptops," or "extreme Gaming Laptops" - it doesn't matter, it's all the same to M-Tech. You can get it all at M-Tech Laptop. Don't feel that if your not a gamer that M-Tech cannot help you with your laptop needs. M-Tech specializes not in gaming laptop but rather we specialize in making laptops to fit the specific needs of its customers. We spend hundreds of hours a year just in deep research. Research in everything from what a gamer needs for a winning laptop to what a scientific engineer needs to run their special software.

M-Tech doesn't just make the best gaming laptop

 Are you a CAD user? Do you create dramatic 3D renderings? Is your bread and butter trading stock and ETF's on the internet all day long? M-Tech has researched all the software needs for every possible customer. We can tailor the laptop of your  choice so it runs your specific software better than any other laptop. If you have more than one software that needs to run at top speed, even if these software run in conditions that are adverse to each other, M-Tech can design a laptop platform that handles your needs better than any of laptop computer.



March 9th 2009 Product update. What does the future at M-Tech look like? While Alienware and all other laptop providers still use the older slower technology because its cheaper, M-Tech has stepped up to the plate and turned the laptop industry on its ear yet again by being the first to provide the new I7 CPU, DDR3 System RAM in a Triple Channel to triple the RAM effectiveness speed, as well as Nvidia's newest and greatest gaming video card the 280M GTX all in a killer laptop. Here are some salient points of why M-Tech has chosen to leave the standard technology behind and be the first laptop company to offer the benefits of the new Montevina CPU.

Future Model Sneak Peak   MTECH M8700 More Info

Future Model Sneak Peak   MTECH M8600 More Info

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We want your feedback. M-Tech is working on the laptop models for the years 2011-2012. What ideas, features etc. would you like to see included? Please email us back at mailto:future@mtechlaptops.com?subject=Future ideas with your suggestions.




D9F Extreme




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Now with RAID 0,1,5 and RAID 10.The most extreme gaming laptop made today. I7 and XEON based i7 in Quad Core or six core CPU, 12MB of L3 Cache with a GT/s of 6.4gts,17 inch LCD 480M GTX with 2048MB GDDR5 video RAM. up to four SATA II or even the new SATA III 6GBs solid state hard drives in RAID 1,0,5 or 10. For the person who needs a 100% desktop replacement or for the person who needs the fastest laptop made. The D9F extreme is without a doubt "the Best gaming Laptop made" Lets us prove it to you.

285MGTX with 1024MB of video 1333MHz DDR3 RAM and a Mobile i7 Intel CPU  with 2.5 GT/s and now , unbelievable  M-Tech's is the first to use DDR3 system RAM which quadruples your bus speed. Top it off with a SATA II hard drive or our new MTECH STATA III 6GBs a SSD's in RAID 0 and you have a perfect match for the gamer who cant afford the weight or price of the D9F (the worlds best gaming laptop). The new revised M8700 is the only laptop in the world that can have a chance of touching the D9F for performance. We stand by the claim that the D9F the M9800 and the M8700 are the "Best gaming Laptops made"










M8700 mobile I7 Extreme

worlds best gaming laptops

Even after the big boys pick up the slack and start using the i7 CPU they still won't have desktop i7 or the super efficient XEON version of the i7 or new SATA III solid state drives that can do 6GBs these items require a higher quality laptop than our competition can afford to sell (and frankly costs more money than a big name laptop company can take the chance of selling).

Why? Because the biggest problem with Alienware, DELL, HP, Gateway and all other larger discount laptop brands is that they are selling based on price. When you compete on price alone you just can't use high quality equipment; it's too expensive. The major brand names' money is spent on advertising. By the time Alienware and others spend that kind of money on very cool ads they cannot afford to use the best quality laptops - not if they expect to be as cheap or cheaper than the other discount laptop brands. The only way to win a price war is to advertise more and pay less for your inventory. Alienware took the first step in this direction years ago by using some laptops manufactured by Uniwill. Since then it has only gotten worse. Now that  DELL owns Alienware Laptops, Uniwill / ECS  laptops are all they use. This is basically the reason why no matter what their cool ads or glowing keyboards make you think, they cannot compete in price. We believe that once you fire the first shot in a price war everybody loses.


How do we know so much about this? From 1995 to around 2005/2006 M-Tech was no different. We thought to be a laptop manufacturer you had to follow the course of the other big guys. Cut costs everywhere you can on order to sell the cheapest product to the most people. What was the result? We hated it. Sure we sold a lot of laptops cheaply but we took no satisfaction in it. If there was a problem with the laptop, we could not go out of our way to make it right by the customer because there was no profit to allow us to treat the customer the way we wanted to. Finally we said enough is enough; the world has enough discount laptop brands. In fact, after a review, we found that discount laptop brands was all the world had. Every single laptop out there had made cuts to its quality, support and service to sell them as discount laptops. This allowed us to step up and take first row in the quality laptop market. Not just because we use quality laptop or high performance laptops, but because we also quit sending technical support to India and selling of the laptop repair warranty to companies like Phillips, Service Net, Warrantec and countless other generic providers. We build our own laptops (Alienware does not), we provide our own technical support (Alienware does not), and we repair our own laptops (Alienware does not). Is this what makes M-Tech the best laptop company? In part, yes. But there is another factor that is just as important as all the others mentioned. Our mission statement sums it all up.

You may worry that because we use only the best laptops and offer an unparalleled level of service, that we would be too expensive. The truth is that most people find we are cheaper because we won't be trying to upsell you on CPUs and other easily misunderstood components. Alienware, like everyone else, has the obligation to sell you the most expensive laptop it can. M-Tech can save you so much money with our personal advice that you easily spend less money than with the other big guys.








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Computer with the worlds most powerful laptop

Fastest Laptop for Gamers
Three models come to mind but four if you want to include a smaller screen size. The D9QFHD, D8700, M8700, M8600 and the M7650 for Entry Level Gaming
Best Laptop choice for Students
Students need something that is portable enough to take to class but powerful enough to play some games (we won't tell Dad). The M6650 M7650 may be what you need.
Maximum power while still portable
Every power junky knows the D9 is the most powerful laptop in the world. Every D Series owner also knows the D series is big and heavy. Make that a WAS big and heavy. Wit the new technology in the D series and the M8000 series, our laptops are now slim and sexy. Yet sometimes you need power but more than a powerful laptop you need a super slim and light weight laptop computer. Enter the M140, a laptop with a lot of computing power, wrapped up in a slender chassis. The 4980M GTX with 1GB of VRAM, a Intel Mobile I7 Quad Core CPU and solid state drives can give you more power than you ever though possible in an 8 lb laptop. For the first time it can honestly be said that the best gaming laptop can also be somewhat portable. Don't mistake us, the D9F is going to be the very best gaming laptop in the world but that still leaves plenty of room for the M8700 mobile I7 Extreme. To add further to this discourse, M-Tech now offers a beefed up version of the M8700 mobile I7 Extreme. It has the same gaming power the M8700 mobile I7 Extreme has but it has a larger 18" LCD, the clarity of which will drive you crazy. Both models also allow for RAID 0. This means that we can finally start to unlock some of the bottlenecked speed of today's awesome CPUs.  Whenever you want to take a power laptop and make it the worlds most powerful laptop in its class, you want to have RAID 0 available. In addition, the M9800 gives you something the M8700 mobile I7 Extreme cannot, dual video. The SLI in the M9800 truly makes the M9800 one of the greatest gaming laptops ever made. The form factor also makes the M9800 perfect for video and photo editing. In fact the M9800 is the best photo editing laptop we have ever seen.
Business men/women
Your laptop often needs to be versatile. You need a laptop that can go from modem to Wi-Fi in a heart beat, play a game in a hotel room, or present a presentation to a group of investors. Many laptops would fill your needs, but take a look at the M9000, M7700 M8700, or the M860TU.
Personal assistance
Really how many of us fit perfectly into any of the above categories? Few to be sure. Why try to pigeon-hole your computing needs? Call M-Tech and let us define your laptop computing needs to a fine point. You're unique and so are your needs. Why risk it? Call today and have an analyst help you build the best laptop for you.
Laptop models change every day. Please call for the latest in laptop solutions to your mobile computing needs. 231-547-5562