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Audio Editing Laptop
(M-Tech News Release November 2008) Here is some big news, Starting December 2008 the Yamaha Corporation will be using M-Tech Laptops to run all of it professional quality music and video editing equipment when on display at any trade shows.  If the Yamaha corporation trusts M-Tech to handle it's high end audio and video editing equipment, maybe you should to!
Meet the worlds best audio and video editing laptop. The M-Tech D900C has every feature you need for the serious editing software and hardware. Quad Core CPU pushing data through 800MHz RAM to three hard drives tied together in a RAID 0 setup. The Texas Inst. 1394 ports are unique in that they are the ones that most equipment will work with. Many laptops use ieee 1395 chipsets that the serious audio and video equipment won't recognize. Not our D900C, we make sure that the most compatible 1394 chipset is used. Every detail of the D900C is geared toward running the most professional editing equipment and software made. If the Yamaha corporation uses M-Tech shouldn't you?

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