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Speech recognition software and computers, how to choose the best laptop computer for Dragon naturally Speaking

Start telling your computer what to do.

What is Speech Recognition? What is Voice Recognition?

These are exciting technologies that change the way you interact with your computer. Now you can speak to your computer and it can speak back. The speech that you and your computer exchange is scripted. In other words, you can't just ask your computer how he/she is feeling? Rather, you can talk to your computer using a set of pre-defined commands and instructions (i.e., a script). Your computer will respond in the same way (also using a scripted language). For example, you can say: "File Open", and the computer would respond: "Select the file". Or you can say: "Edit Find" and the computer would ask: "Find What?".

Why speak to your computer?

People have been speaking to each other for tens of thousands of years. Our brains have evolved to perform a fantastic and complex set of analyses of auditory input (i.e., sounds). Our brains convert the sounds we hear into conceptual ideas and thoughts which in turn form the basis of instructions, commands, information, and entertainment. Though the computer is just beginning its evolution in this area, most computers are capable of hearing your speech and acting on it. This is the promise of voice recognition technology today. Using speech to interact with your computer--both you speaking to your computer and your computer speaking back.
What is Speech Recognition and how does your laptop computer have to be built to run Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Speech Recognition is a technology that allows the computer to identify and understand words spoken by a person using a microphone. The ultimate goal of the technology is to be able to produce a system that can recognize with 100% accuracy all words that are spoken by any person.
Even after years of research in this area, the best speech recognition software applications still cannot recognize speech with 100% accuracy. Some applications are able to recognize over 90% of words when spoken under specific constraints regarding content and previous training to recognize the speaker's speech characteristics. To have a high recognition rate you need to search for the best laptop for voice recognition. So ask yourself, who makes the best laptop computer for speech or voice recognition. Possibly even asking what is the best computer for Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Computer software that understands your speech enables you to have conversations with the computer. These conversations can include you and the best laptop for speech recognition speaking as commands or in response to events, input, or other feedback.

Speaking is easier and more intuitive than selecting buttons and menu items. With the right computer you can become efficient at sharing information and giving instructions to your best laptop for Dragon Naturally Speaking

Having the best computer for speech recognition will vastly improve your speech recognitions software's ability to give you a high recognition rate with fewer errors.  Did you know that M-Tech is the number one laptop computer choice for Dragon Naturally Speaking

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Laptops with lighted keyboards...the Pros and Cons


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D9FHD-E Extreme Gaming Laptop, Audio Editing Laptop, Video Editing LaptopThe problem with lighted keyboards


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Is the D9FHD-E too big?

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The ultimate gaming machine.  MTECH D9FHD-E is based on Intel P965 chipset and can support Intel G0-Stepping Quad Core processor laptop which is the most powerful desktop CPU in the world. To provide best 3D graphic performance, nVidia MXM IV SLI technology is also designed in D9FHD-E. That means you can always benefit from the newest high-end graphic technology provided by nVidia, like Nvidia 780M, and enjoy the fast changing and photographic scenes of your favorite games.

Extreme gaming Laptop - The D9FHD-E will break all the records when it come to gaming. The super fast FSB (1066) and the large L2 cache make for a very efficient CPU package. Lag time will be a thing of the past. The dual video cards mean there will not be any situation were you could even imagine overloading the video sub-system. large SATA II drives in 7200 RPM coupled with RAID 5 give you maximum performance while never sacrificing your data's integrity. Optional Solid State Hard Drives that are more than 5 times faster than most hard disk drives Truly this laptop is a gaming laptop that dreams are made of. Read More...

How much of a performance increase will I see with SLI technology?
The amount of performance improvement will depend on the application and its ability to scale. Several of today's hottest games see a full 2x increase in performance when using SLI technology with two graphics cards. In general, applications running at higher resolutions with higher image quality settings will benefit most.

What benefits will Quad Core bring?

Right now, there are only a few applications that truly benefit from quad core computing. These applications are the sort that have always benefited from more processor horsepower, no matter how that was obtained. Rendering 3D graphics for still scenes, compression of DVDs into portable movie files, the compression of CDs into MP3s, and anything else that is just a massive chunk of mathematics. In the aforementioned cases, the processors can work in tandem to crunch large sets of numbers because they're predictable, not terribly dynamic, and do what a processor does best: compute. On the other hand, games (right now) will receive little to no benefit from a quad core processor because they only recently began to really harness the power of dual core offerings. The benefit of quad core is not what it does now, but what it will do.

Extreme Gaming Laptop, Audio Editing Laptop, Video Editing Laptop

System Architecture Processor Video and Graphics Display
Memory Storage Audio Communications
PC Card Slot(s) Interfaces (Ports) Input Devices Dimensions
Included Accessories Extra Accessories Battery D9FHD-E Laptop Images  


D9FHD-E Specifications


Compare All CPU's

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor E6300/E6400
(1.86/2.13GHz, 65nm, FSB1066, 2MB L2 cache, LGA775)

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor E6600/E6700
(2.4/2.67GHz, 65nm, FSB1066, 4MB L2 cache, LGA775)

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor E6550/E6850
(2.33/3.0GHz, 65nm, FSB1066/FSB1333, 4MB L2 cache, LGA775)

Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Processor Q6600/6700    (M-Tech Recommends the 2.40GHz Quad Core as the best CPU choice. Click here to see why.)
(2.4/2.66GHz, G0 Stepping 65nm, FSB1066, 8MB L2 cache, LGA775)

Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme Processor X6800
(2.93GHz, 65nm, FSB1066, 4MB L2 cache, LGA775)
Core Logic
Intel® P965 + ICH8-R
17.1" WSXGA (1680x1050) with Glare Type
17.1" WSXGA+ (1680x1050)
17.1" WUXGA (1920x1200) TFT LCD
64-bit wide DDRII data channel
Two 200pin SODIMM sockets, supporting DDRII 800
Expandable Memory up to 4GB, based on 512/1024/2048MB SODIMM Module
Video Controller

Compare All Video cards

View SLI Comparisons

nVIDIA® 8800M GTX, MXM-IV Modular
XP & VISTA SLI ready
512MB GDDRIII Video RAM on boar
MS Directx®109.0 compatible
nVIDIA® GeForce® 8700M GT
512MB GDDRIII Video RAM on board, support PCI-E*16
MS DirectX® 10 compatible, HDCP support
XP & VISTA SLI ready
nVIDIA® Quadro® FX 1600M, MXM-IV Modular
512MB GDDRIII Video RAM on board, support PCI-E*16
MS DirectX® 10 compatible, HDCP support
1x changeable 12.7mm(H) DVD-Dual
3x changeable 9.5mm(H), SATAII/SATAIII HDD(5400RPM/7200RPM, RAID 0/1/5) Solid State Hard Drive 32GB
(Option) Blu-Ray Readable / Writable
(Option) HD-DVD Readable /Writable
(Option) 1x external USB 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive
Full size keyboard with Numeric pad, Multi-Language support
Built-in Touchpad with scrolling function
Sound System
UAA (Universal Audio Architecture)
Integrated Azalia compliant interface
S/PDIF Digital output
1x Built-in Microphone
4x Built-in Speakers
I/O Ports
4x USB 2.0 ports
1x Mini IEEE 1394a port
1x S-Video out jack for TV output & HDTV output
1x External CRT monitor output
1x DVI output (support DVI-Dual Link)
1x Headphone jack
1x Microphone jack
1x S/PDIF output jack
1x RJ-45 jack for 10M/100M Fast Ethernet
1x RJ-11 jack for Plug & Play Fax/Modem
1x Line-in jack
1x DC-In jack
1x CATV input jack (Functional option with TV-Tuner module)
1x S-Video in jack for Internal TV-Tuner (Functional option with TV-Tuner module)
1x New Card (34/54 pin) socket (support USB&PCI-E interface)
1x Mini-card socket (support USB&PCI-E interface), it's for WLAN
1x Mini-PCI socket, for TV-Tuner module
Embedded 4-in-1 Card Reader (MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/MS Pro Duo/SD/Mini-SD/MMC)
56K MDC Azalia Modem with V.90 & V.92 compliant
Gigabit LAN on board
Intel®  802.11a/b/g, PCI-E interface,
Intel®  Wireless WiFi 4965AGN
Bluetooth™ ClassII V2.0, USB interface
Built in 1.3M pixel video camera module
Full Range 220W AC adapter - AC input 100~240V, 47~63Hz, DC output 20V, 11A
Main battery changeable 12-cell smart Li-Ion pack, 6600mAh
Kensington® Lock
Windows® XP
Windows® VISTA™ Premium
397(W) x 298(D) x 51~60(H)mm
5.4Kg with 12 cells Battery
DVD Dual drive module
Wireless LAN (Mini-card) module, PCI-E interface
Bluetooth™ module, USB interface
TV-Tuner module, Mini-PCI interface
Blu-Ray & HD-DVD Drive Module
(Factory Option) 1.3M pixel video camera module

**The specification in gray are not available yet.
**The content is subject to change without notice. Other brand and product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
**Battery Life may vary depending on applications and configuration.
**Version: 2007.10



Consumer Video Encoding Spend less time to produce professional videos.
Professional Image Editing Edit more high resolution pictures for your photo album.
Shows on the Go Quickly convert your favorite TV shows to take out with your iPod*.
Special Effects Become a special effects Wizard and cut your processing time.
3D Ray Tracing Render much faster and create lifelike 3D scenes!
3D Animation Create stunning realistic looking 3D characters in less time.
Industry Benchmarks
Extreme Gaming Comparison




Experience the world's best gaming laptop using the  Intel® Core™2 Extreme or Intel G0-Stepping Quad Core processor laptop




















Dispelling the Confusion: SATA II does not mean 3Gb/s

The term SATA II has grown in popularity as the moniker for the SATA 3Gb/s data transfer rate, causing great confusion with customers because, quite simply, it’s a misnomer.

The first step toward a better understanding of SATA is to know that SATA II is not the brand name for SATA’s 3Gb/s data transfer rate, but the name of the organization formed to author the SATA specifications. The group has since changed names, to the Serial ATA International Organization, or SATA-IO.

The 3Gb/s capability is just one of many defined by the former SATA II committee, but because it is among the most prominent features, 3Gb/s has become synonymous with SATA II. Hence, the source of the confusion.

For an accurate description of Serial ATA capabilities and the official guideline to SATA product naming, please see the details below.



Alienware Area-51 9750

Alienware Area-51 9750 is a good laptop but cant compare to the M-Tech D9FHD-E. The Alienware Area-51 9750 had dual video SLI and the Alienware Area-51 9750 has dual channel ram and so does the D9FHD-E But the Alienware Area-51 9750 has slower RAM. The Alienware Area-51 9750 has a slower front side bus. The D9FHD-E comes with a free MCE remote control for Vista home and Ultimate The Alienware 9750does not. The D9FHD-E is cheaper than the Alienware Area-51 9750 with a much better hard drive and better CPU. Why pays hundreds more for the Alienware Area-51 9750 and get less? Intel G0-Stepping Quad Core processor laptop